About Security Compliance Associates

Security Compliance Associates provides what many consider to be the finest information security services available in the market today. Our seasoned team of professionals deliver superior work product and unparalleled relationship value.

For over 12 years the core team has established a sterling reputation among 1000’s of financial institutions, healthcare organizations, title and settlement companies and other businesses who handle sensitive information. SCA has a long history of success based on its core values which include building lifetime partnerships based on mutual trust and respect, a culture of service and employing dedicated, knowledgeable staff. These values have allowed us to expand, strengthening the depth and breadth of our people and services. Safeguarding critical information, regardless of media, is the sole focus of SCA. Whether the requirement is policy development or true penetration testing of the network, SCA is poised to assist you in creating a customized program that fits your individual demand and culture.

The regulatory environment continues to intensify as regulators expand their depth and breadth of Information security examinations. SCA specializes in providing information security programs in compliance with NCUA, FDIC, OCC, OTS, FTC, HIPAA, PCI-DSS and FRS regulations. Meeting information security guidance and regulation lie at the core of our program.

Our compliance oriented approach is not a “one-size-fits-all” solution. The (SCA) approach recognizes each client as an individual entity with diverse technologies, individual needs, distinctive management styles and a unique corporate culture.

SCA is proud of our ‘hands on – relationship first’ approach to providing our comprehensive suite of industry leading security compliance services. We work in partnership with our clients’ executive, information technology, risk management and audit functions in the process of delivering superior results. This close interaction ensures a high level of satisfaction and knowledge transfer throughout the engagement. Our reports are customized and tailored for the audience, not just reams of paper dropped in the mail with no explanation. We continue to invest in best industry talent and technology to ensure our deliverables are, as our clients tell us, “better than advertised”.