Internal Systems Vulnerability Assessment

Internal Systems Vulnerability Assessment may be the singular most important information security initiative an institution may undertake. SCA is distinguished in the industry for top notch internal assessment work. A combination of higher learning, industry best software and a familiarity of the systems that surround healthcare industry infrastructure, allow for an informed, more meaningful assessment. SCA welcomes client interaction during all on-site work. Our ability to communicate and impart knowledge lends itself well to these assignments. Clients rest assured that SCA performs thorough assessments and analysis on all critical network assets. Highly credentialed, industry specific technicians are tasked with evaluating and understanding the entire network topology and configuration landscape. Our processes and report documentation allow clients to have complete confidence that the assessment is performed to the highest of standards.  Assessment findings are re-validated and all reports are presented in clear, concise English. Likewise, remediation advice is readily understood. SCA follows client preferences for conducting internal assessment work. The common goal is to provide a repeatable methodology that conforms to regulatory guidelines. SCA is considered an information security compliance benchmark provider, as evidenced by our numerous healthcare clients who have entrusted SCA to help them identify, reduce and manage technology risk. Click “Request More Information Now” to connect with us and learn more.