PCI DSS Services

The PCI DSS Is an essential payment card industry standard. In order to achieve compliance, it is important to gain an understanding of the standards and cardholder data flow and storage. This understanding assists the organization to limit personal account number proliferation. PCI Compliance will help alleviate a potential long and disruptive exercise, should cardholder data be compromised. Security Compliance Associates can aid in this process.

 An initial assignment with SCA begins with a gap analysis to help determine deficiencies against the standard. Once completed, SCA offers sound remediation advice to help achieve compliance.

Once an organization is comfortable that it satisfies the PCI DSS requirements, SCA, through our partner alliances with Qualified Security Assessors (QSAs) and Approved Scanning Vendors (ASVs), is well poised to assist clients in navigating the field of security professionals and engaging reputable QSA and ASV firms to perform formal PCI DSS assessments.

Because solutions and compensating controls vary by institution, it is beneficial to contact SCA directly for advice on what service level best fits your environment, how you can prepare for the assessment process before it begins, and how to choose the PCI-qualified assessors that are right for you.

 Through SCA and our alliance partners, clients can obtain:

·        Compliance Management Program Guidance

·        PCI DSS Gap Analysis/Readiness Assessment

·        PCI DSS Gap Analysis Remediation Advice regarding:

o   ASV scans

o   QSA assessments

o   PCI DSS Training Programs

o   PCI DSS Validation & Ongoing Compliance