Why You Should Outsource Your Security Needs to an ESO


What will your ESO Officer accomplish for your cyber security program?

As digital technology continues to evolve, it redefines the way businesses access and use information. This development has led to innovative solutions that improve operations, enhance productivity, and make many things easier across all industries. However, there is one thing that is at risk now more than ever: your company’s information assets.

Nowadays, security management does not only mean physical security but also administrative and technical measures to ensure information security as well. It is true for big corporations and small businesses alike. Failure to generate and implement a robust cybersecurity plan could lead to severe consequences, compromising business continuity and the interests of your clients.

In some cases, it can even leave you vulnerable to sanctions, penalties, and other actions from the government and law enforcement. It is why every company dealing with sensitive information should have an Executive Security Officer (ESO).

Hiring an ESO vs. In-House Security 

There are two ways to ensure secure handling of information in your organization.

One is by hiring a chief information security officer CISO. By working closely with the chief security officer CSO, the CISO can help deliver corporate security at a high level, protecting both physical and digital assets.

The second and arguably more efficient method is by outsourcing your information security to a reputable ESO service. This security executive as a service knows all the management techniques to integrate the necessary security measures into your company goals and enterprise initiatives.

Below are some of the many reasons why the second route is best for you.

Reduce the Load on Your In-House Team

Despite the growing need for security knowledge and leadership, most companies only have two to three people working in the IT department and none with the specialized knowledge and skillsets around cybersecurity. With the current volume of cyber threats, this small group of people is often overworked and overloaded, leaving your company vulnerable to attacks.

While many security operations use sophisticated technologies and advanced executive management techniques, these measures need to be configured, tuned, and monitored constantly, which still takes a lot of work. An ESO from a reputable company can help lighten the load.

More Cost-Efficient

Putting together and maintaining an effective in-house cybersecurity team has a lot of cost implications. You need access to the latest technologies, which means that you need to constantly upgrade. You also spent time and money recruiting people with the skills for the job. The cost to cover a round-the-clock operation is staggering. Please note that salaries of competent, qualified CISOs can easily reach the mid $100K to mid $200K range.

Hiring an ESO at a fraction of the above salary is a more cost-effective and efficient way to meet your needs now without putting too much dent in your budget. Many times an ESO fills the void until a company is ready to absorb the cost of a C-level full time employee.

Gain Access to a Wider Range of Skills

The threat is always evolving when it comes to cybersecurity. It means that your ability to identify and contain these risks must be updated at all times. If you are to implement information security in-house, the training alone will take up most of the team’s time. It would also eat up a chunk of your company’s budget.

Security providers have dedicated professionals who work on nothing but stopping cybercriminals. It means that they have the skills and experience needed to neutralize current threats.


Even if you are enjoying some level of success implementing an in-house cybersecurity plan, one important question remains: will it be able to keep up if you expand your operations? In a similar manner, downsizing your team would not be as easy if you need to scale down your operation.

By outsourcing your information security needs, you remain flexible and ready to scale up or down, depending on your current or future business goals.

Protect Your Organization from Cyber Threats with an ESO Officer 

Successful cyberattacks can have devastating effects on your organization. Aside from causing immediate damages to your business, it can also reduce the confidence of potential clients down the road.

SCA Centurion ESO services can help protect your company from all of these digital threats. If you need to close gaps in your information security program, call us today at 727-571-1141.