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The world has become more reliant on technology thanks to the internet and digital devices. With organizations left vulnerable by the influx of cyber-attacks, many struggle to protect their data and create an updated strategic cybersecurity plan. As such, the role of an Executive Security Officer (ESO) has become increasingly critical in the workplace. Given the difficulties involved in finding the right person for the position, SCA offers Centurion ESO services designed to improve and oversee your organization’s information security practices.  Think of your ESO as your very own centurion. In ancient times, a centurion was a skilled leader of a centuria in the Roman Legion.


Much like ancient centurions, your ESO will help ensure your company or entity is secured and defended against cyberthreats that would otherwise cripple your infrastructure and put vital information at risk.


Executive Security Officer

Part of the purpose of an organization’s Executive Security Officer is to align security efforts with enterprise initiatives and company goals. This must be accomplished in a manner that prioritizes the protection of data, assets, and technology. Other important purposes include oversight and management of security program processes and technology, facilitating education and awareness throughout the organization and effectively communicating with other executive leadership and the Board.


SCA Centurion ESO services are designed to help fill the gap where no official cybersecurity leadership position exists and are specific to individual client needs. As your ESO, SCA will act as part of your management team to identify and remediate deficiencies and provide ongoing management of your information security program (ISP). This is accomplished through five phases:


  1. Establish baseline cybersecurity and regulatory risk exposure
  2. Draft governance documentation and gain stakeholder consensus
  3. Ensure staff is trained
  4. Revise risk exposure and audit controls
  5. Annual report to Board and mapping into following year


With a competitive environment and shortage for cybersecurity leadership, compensation for a Chief Information Security Officer can easily rise into the low six figures. Many organizations simply do not have the financial resources to absorb this cost. This is where the true benefit of Centurion ESO services is realized. For a fraction of the cost of a full-time cybersecurity leader, the SCA team becomes your ESO with a project lead supported by our expert cybersecurity analysts. Our team will always be on your side, even as the cyber landscape changes.


Ensure the Cybersecurity of Your Organization

From reputation damage to significant revenue loss, cybersecurity incidents can have devastating consequences. Assets and data of corporations, individuals, and governments are at constant risk. No organization is immune from cybercrime, so the first step is hiring the most qualified professionals to manage your security program.


SCA Centurion ESO services will identify and remedy the gaps in your information security program and elevate your cybersecurity efforts. If you are looking for a highly skilled ESO to accomplish cyber resilience, call us today at 727-571-1141!.