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Data Breach Law in Hawaii

Data Breach Law in Hawaii Statute Codes Breach notification law for Hawaii is covered under H.R.S. § 487N-1 et seq., which includes S.B. 2290, and S.B. 2402. S.B. 2290, Act 135, was put into law on May 25, 2006. It became effective on January 1, 2007. S.B. 2402, Act 19, was put into law on [&hellip...
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Information Security Breach in Georgia

Georgia Information Security Breach Law Statute Codes Breach notification laws in Georgia are covered under the Georgia Personal Identity Protection act, Ga. Code § 10-1-910 et seq. This includes S.B. 230, and 236. S.B. 230 was signed into law on May 5, 2005, and became effective May 5, 2005. S.B. ...
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Data Breach Notification in Delaware

What are the data breach notification laws in Delaware? Statute Codes Breach notification in Delaware is covered under a section of state law called Computer Security Breaches. The official designation is Del. Code Ann. tit. 6 § 12B-101 et seq. It includes H.B. 116, which became law June 28, 2005, ...
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Data Breach in Connecticut

Data security breach laws you should be aware of in Connecticut. Statute Codes Breach notification law in Connecticut is gathered under the Banking Law of Connecticut, Connecticut Gen. Stat § 36a-701b, which includes several different aspects. S.B. 650 became law on June 8, 2005, under public Act 0...
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