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Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is a form of security testing where SCA emulates real-world attacks to identify methods or pathways to evade the security features of a network, system or application. These real-word attacks use tools and techniques, both automated and manual, that are commonly used by attackers which is why penetration testing is sometimes referred to attack and penetration testing; attack the target(s) to see how far they can be penetrated.

SCA Application Security Assessments will evaluate the security of critical applications, internal and externally facing applications, and web applications by identifying potential vulnerabilities through a series of automated and manual testing. SCA assessments of high-risk transaction platforms including online and mobile banking play a crucial role in 3rd party risk management and protecting customer data.


SCA Risk Assessments are the foundation of a risk-based approach to information security. Following established methodologies from NIST, SCA Risk Assessments identify threats, vulnerabilities, their likelihood of occurrence and impact on your organization to arrive at a resulting risk rating for each. The resulting report helps management make informed, risk-based decisions, helps prioritize remediation efforts and populates your information security policy and procedures.